May The Best Event be Sold Out!


Halloween is on its way and everyone is busy figuring out their costumes and events, what do you have planned? An amazing way to create excitement for your events is month starts with letting people know in advance what’s on your calendar with Greek Apparel! Getting your sorority sisters or brothers on board can be as easy as getting them to wear the house events on their sorority shirts or gear as they go to class, study, workout or walk around college campus. Why spend money on posters and advertisement when you can order in something cool and comfortable that your housemates get to pick and will actually enjoy running around in, besides, everyone loves swag!

An easy way to create memories is to wear them! When you look back after the next couple years, you just might not remember all the great things you did or the crazy events you went to or threw, but digging through your closet can take you down a memory lane that other people would trade in their left leg for. It’s also an awesome way to fund your events by selling swag before and during. Not only is this an easy way to advertise but people who come to your event can finally have more than just a hazy recollection of the night before when they wake up in your events awesome t-shirt, sweater, ball cap or other accessory that lets them relive the fun times over and over.

Winning the costume competition just got easier! If you want to win the costume of the year on the individual level then let’s face it, you have your work cut out for you as costumes just get crazier and more epic every year. But, if your looking to finally steal the trophy for which house has the best group costume, then creating a one of a kind theme will be a breeze with the beautiful line of products available to you in the Geneologie catalogue and the level of custom apparel that will bring your house the trophy this year!

This fall at Geneologie we have upped our creativity with this seasons top trending designs at your fingertips. Best of all, if the creativity magic is strong with you this fall, you can create your own Halloween or fall design and send it to us in just a few easy clicks by checking out our “Quick Quote” feature. It’s never been a better time to plan your swag ahead and make sure everybody who is anybody is at your event!