Practicing Gratitude and Being Present at Thanksgiving

Practicing Gratitude and Being Present at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a magical time of the year where we give thanks for what we are grateful for and reflect on our blessings. In Greek Life, when on campus and far from home, our Alma Mater can truly be like a second family we want and need. There is nothing better than having pledge sisters, and a pledge mother who support and respect you.

So why not capture this Greek House moment and make this Thanksgiving more special by taking some family pictures with your customized apparel from Geneologie? With so many patterns and styles to browse and showcase your Alma Mater, it’s easy to find or create what fits your sorority family personality.

Group photo time! Can everyone say ‘Gobble Gobble’

For real though, being in a sorority isn’t just about having a fun place to live. It’s an oppourtunity to learn a lot about yourself in a space where you can grow and feel grateful that your sisters have your back…and maybe hone in some life long skills too, who here knows how to cook a turkey? There is no better time like the present and no better place then with your sisters to take advantage of the beautiful fall season and create new memories that will last you a lifetime.

This is the perfect time to take a break, midterms have finished and taking some deep fall breaths may be exactly what you need to stay present and enjoy the people you have around you. Gratitude is also about being thankful for where you are in your life at the present and appreciating each day in your journey of life. When the stress has been piling on for weeks, sometimes it’s hard to step back and look at all the great things going on, so don’t make this mistake and take the time you need recharge.

Here’s your chance to shake off wherever you have been over the past few weeks and welcome some fresh vibrations and new energy with the changing of the seasons. An awesome way to do this is by changing up your wardrobe, change how you look, change how you feel. This is where Geneologie has your back to sister, with all of this seasons designs and a look for every occasion, your sure to find exactly what you need to finish Thanksgiving ready to go for the next round.  

There are so many reasons why we should be grateful for our sorority sisterhood, and if you didn’t go home for Thanksgiving then feeling at home with your sisters is surely the next best thing. Whether it’s wearing one of our comfortable casual looks while hanging out with your sisters, dressing up and having a girls night or simply staying in with some cozy wear, Geneologie has got you covered.